Stabilizing system for GoPro

By 18. March 2014Allgemein

Today my attention came to an interesting kickstarter project called Stubilizer. I guess that nowadays the most filmmakers who needs to do sport action shots, like mountain biking, skateboarding, paragliding and so on are using a Go Pro camera. Also when it comes to aerial videos, you won’t rent a plane or helicopter for high cost, you will go with an octocopter or similar and attach a GoPro to it. Doesn’t mean that it’s always the best and most professional solution, but it’s the easiest and most cost effectove one – especially that everyone is fighting with cutted budgets.

Always there are good and bad sides, while the GoPro system is extremely cost effective, everyone who ever used one in action sport situations knows the problem of non stabilized pictures. With the Stubilizer you can compensate this problem – at least it is promised.

So what does the Stubilizer do exactly?
Official text reads: Stubilizers are fully automatic gyroscopic stabilized mounts for the GoPro® series of action cameras.
Simply said, it is stablizing your GoPro shots in a way similar as a Steadycam / Glidecam system does, just here it’s working with small motors.
Stubilizer comes up in three different variants:
• The Solo stabilizes the roll axis only
• The Duo stabilizes the roll and pitch axes
• The Pro stabilizes the roll, pitch and yaw axes

The only minus i see so far is the additional weight, from the other hand it depends as usual on the situation and also is a question of getting used to.

I’m curious to see a Stubilizer in real life action and hope to get hands on one soon. In my oponion it’s definitely worth to check it out, and if it works indeed as suggested, it’s worth beeing considered to be in your equipment setup.

To find out more check the official website here: