Hyperfox on #TweetupPL

By 7. September 2015Allgemein

Tweetup is nothing else than a meeting of Twitter users, organized in order to talk, exchange views and show news in the industry. This is a relatively young event and it took place for the first time in 2012, in Poznan. This year, the nationwide edition took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw.

By participating in the conference we have gained a new and certainly inspiring knowledge. Twitter is becoming more and more popular, and the presence on it for companies seems almost mandatory. It seems hard to communicate properly with customers in 140 characters, but it’s worth trying. In the last two years, the number of Poles visiting Twitter increased twice, which only proves that more and more people are using this microblog platform. Next to Facebook and Instagram it is the third most popular social networking site.

The program was as follows:

Aleksandra Mokwa (City of Gdańsk) – decreasing popularity of Facebook
Mikołaj Winkiel (Brand24) – 
How to measure the potential of small communities?
Paweł Opydo (Zombie Samurai) – How can Periscope change social media?
Artur Jabłoński (Exea Smart Space) – Future of social media.
Dagmara Pakulska –
 Real – Time – Tweeting, how to skilfully derive from surrounding reality.
Arek Radwan i Norbert Boroń – #AnyTwitterCulture – cultural differences and communication on Twitter.
Zuzanna Śleszyńska – Insta-commerce, how to make money on Instagram.
Jacek Kotarbiński – Snapchat, Periscope, Vine – case study.

Discussion panel led by Maciej Blatkiewicz

Participation in Tweetup was new, but an inspiring event for us. We’ll be back!