Google Alphabet

By 16. August 2015Allgemein

The creation of Alphabet is so interesting because it perfectly outlines and highlights the direction in which Google is following in several years – expansion in all possible markets with the desire to create new businesses.

New CEO of Google is Sundai Pichai, formerly responsible for Android and Chrome.
Belonging to Google X Lab and many other companies, like Life Sciences and Calico will be now part of Alphabet Holding.

Another important news is, Alphabet will represent Google on business market. That’s why all Google shares will be automatically converted to those of Alphabet Holding.

A to Z

A is for Android, AdWords, and AdSense
B is for Blogger, and Books
C is for Chrome, Calico, and Calendar
D is for Drive
E is for Earth
F is for Flights, and Finance
G is for Google
H is for Health, Hangouts, and Hotels
I is for Inbox, and Images
J is for Jobs, and Junior
K is for Keep
L is for Life Sciences
M is for Maps
N is for Now, News, Nest, and Nexus
O is for OpenSocial
P is for Photos, Picasa, and Play
Q is for Nexus Q
R is for Revolv
S is for Shopping, and Scholar
T is for Translate, and Trends
U is for Google U
V is for Ventures, Voice, and Videos
W is for Wallet, Waze, and Wing
X is for X Lab
Y is for YouTube
Z is for Zagat