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Hyperfox on #TweetupPL

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Tweetup is nothing else than a meeting of Twitter users, organized in order to talk, exchange views and show news in the industry. This is a relatively young event and it took place for the first time in 2012, in Poznan. This year, the nationwide edition took place at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Read More

Google Alphabet

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The creation of Alphabet is so interesting because it perfectly outlines and highlights the direction in which Google is following in several years – expansion in all possible markets with the desire to create new businesses.

New CEO of Google is Sundai Pichai, formerly responsible for Android and Chrome.
Belonging to Google X Lab and many other companies, like Life Sciences and Calico will be now part of Alphabet Holding.

Another important news is, Alphabet will represent Google on business market. That’s why all Google shares will be automatically converted to those of Alphabet Holding.

A to Z

A is for Android, AdWords, and AdSense
B is for Blogger, and Books
C is for Chrome, Calico, and Calendar
D is for Drive
E is for Earth
F is for Flights, and Finance
G is for Google
H is for Health, Hangouts, and Hotels
I is for Inbox, and Images
J is for Jobs, and Junior
K is for Keep
L is for Life Sciences
M is for Maps
N is for Now, News, Nest, and Nexus
O is for OpenSocial
P is for Photos, Picasa, and Play
Q is for Nexus Q
R is for Revolv
S is for Shopping, and Scholar
T is for Translate, and Trends
U is for Google U
V is for Ventures, Voice, and Videos
W is for Wallet, Waze, and Wing
X is for X Lab
Y is for YouTube
Z is for Zagat

The emoji film

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Get ready for the emoji movie: Sony wins bidding war to make a film based on the colourful pictograms. The project will be co-written by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis.

Sony Pictures Animation has always existed as the odd cousin of animation titans Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks. Its movies have grossed a fair amount of money, and a few of them have even gotten positive reviews, but none of them approached the cultural impact. Will this production be a breakthrough?

A brief history

Emoji is fairly new in the United States with manufactures like Apple and Samsung. However, the history of Emoji goes back much further, Emoji comes from Japan, somewhat similar to the old emoticons, but much richer in different meanings. They proved to be so flexible and versatile that using them can be expressed not only basic emotions, but also to rewrite known literary works, create poems or depict the movie plots. Although the emoji roots go back to Japan today is a sort of international common language, successfully entering into the role that over a century ago, Esperanto used to have. As is usual with such inventions – some wring their hands, lamenting over Emoji being the withdrawal in development of humanity, and other defend emoji, treating them as a convenient and simple way to express what in traditional notation would require many words.

People love emoji

Emoji icons had a great impact on popular culture, to the extent that on July 17 we celebrated the World Day of Emoji and soon we will see it on the big screen. We do not know any details of the plot of the film. We know, however, that production will be entirely animated, directed and written by creator of “Lilo & Stitch 2” Anthony Leondis and screenwriter of “Silver Linings Playbook” Michelle Raimo Kouyate.

Meet Lily – unusual drone

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Probably everyone dreams about private photographer, following our every step taking pictures in those very moments we want to remember. This was Lily’s creators main idea. In fact it is a specialised drone, equipped in integrated 12 MPix Full HD camera and owner tracking system.
It’s hard to deny Lily’s charm, even the control LEDs were shaped, so the drone looks cute. In order to start Lily, you just have to throw her in front of you. The system automatically detects movement and starts working. Read More