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After Effects plug-in Saber

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Hyperfox team gave it a quick shot and tried out the Saber Plug-in from Video Copilot for checking its performance. Nothing fancy done, this Plug-in works seamless and fast on a finger tip. For quick and playful results you just need to install it, add a text layer and try out what happens. For some more advanced usage it is mandatory to view another great tutorial from guru Andrew Kramer. With some creativity on your mind you can do awesome things with Saber and best is that it is absolutely free of charge. So only one thing to say: go for it!
For a full tutorial and free download of the Saber Plug-in, check the official site:

5 simple rules to effective copywriting for starters

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With a just five simple rules to follow, you can make your text content more effective.


  1. Attention please

The title says it all and often enough decides if we go on reading a book, an article, or not. A strong and meaningful title is an effective headline, not only informing about the content but also promising what to expect. A golden rule is that you never should cheat on the title. So do not misuse it to promise something that the text content doesn’t deliver. Your audience will not forgive this.


  1. Be on the point

The current TLDR trend – too long, did not read – is an expression of the people who nowadays do not have much time and consume things as fast and effective as possible, time is money is the rule here. So do not make the mistake to extend your text just for the reason to have more words in it. Be on the point and write in a way that it is easy and straight forward to understand.


  1. Adjust to the reader

To gain satisfied readers, each message must be adapted to the target group. Therefore, before the creation of a text, examine your target group, know your readers. How they like to read, what writing style they prefer and so on. That tells us how the content should look like, referred to the desired effect.


  1. Call to Action

The Call to action (CTA) is extremely important when creating any content for marketing purposes. Especially in the marketing and advertising world text (copywriting) is used to convince the reader to use a service or purchase a product – so do not forget to give him the chance to do exactly that at the end of your text. Might it be a simple “buy now” button or something else.


  1. Pictures say a 1000 words

When doing any print materials like brochures, billboards and posters – we also use photos and graphics to show the usability, advantage and features of a product and service. A picture usually says more than words and often enough can make people understanding something in a second, which would take many words in text.


Combining eye catching pictures in combination with a short slogan, already can deliver a message with impact and animate visitors to read. Besides, text only makes us feeling bored and tired quickly.


Of course, there is so much more to learn about writing. But by following these five simple rules, you already can make a first step in the right direction.

16-20 March, Cebit “Future Match” Hannover, Germany

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16-20 March, Cebit “Future Match” Hannover, Germany

Hyperfox will participate in Future Match 2015.. This  international brokerage event is organized by the Enterprise Europe Network, known as the largest business support network in Europe.

The event will take place at the Cebit fair, in Hannover, Germany from the 16th to 20th of March 2015.

Already more than 250 companies from 35 different countries scheduled over thousand bilateral meetings, more to come.

So it is a great opportunity for networking, establishing new partnerships and meeting cooperation partners for joint ventures, research & development projects, subcontracting and sales.

We are looking forward to find synergies, to develop new services solutions and markets.

Feel free to check out our profile at: and book a meeting with our CEO Maik Bodden. Specialized in Digital Marketing, Advertising and Project Management. Maik is the Creative Director and founder of Hyperfox, a marketing agency with inhouse creative department, focused on sustainable and customized branding and advertising solutions.

Let’s talk!

VI VIP Gala in Rzeszow

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What a weekend, this years VIP Ranking Gala was the 6th one already, hosted by the VIP Biznes&Styl Magazine and as usual it was a pleasure to be on this event. More than five hundred guests and thirty nominees enjoyed not only some classy award ceremony, furthermore outstanding live music performance by Mieczysław Szcześniak and culinary specialties afterwards.

Of course we won´t withold you this years winners, who are Tadeusz Ferenc, category politics, the Inglot family in the category business and Jerzy Ginalski in the category culture, so at this point once again: Congratulations.

This time the gala was under the motto and question what influence the players out of business, culture and politics have on our region Sub Carparts. Reason enough to select some known individuals for some short interviews, answering exactly this question. Hyperfox was assigned to realize a short film, opener and animations for the gala accordingly.

vip gala1 vip gala 2 vip gala 3 gala rzeszow 4

TV Commercial For The National Festival of Polish Song in Opole

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Summer is coming, which means warm weather, outdoor activities, barbeques, and most importantly summer festivals.  Our company, Hyperfox, had the privilege in producing the latest tv-spot for one of the most popular music festivals in the Poland, “Opole – The National Festival of Polish Song.”  The festival takes place in the Polish city Opole and starts from June 6th to June 8th.  For 3 days you can experience the beauty of polish music from artists like: Alicja Majewska, Ania Wyszkoni, Krystyna Janda, Lady Pank, Maciej Maleńczuk, and Donatan & Cleo, performing their Eurovision 2014 hit “My Słowianie.” Other fun attractions are comedy skits, the big “City Game,” “Become a Star”, and areas for public viewing.   For more information, be sure to check out our tv-spot in the link down below or look for the transmission on the channel Polsat.

Stabilizing system for GoPro

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Today my attention came to an interesting kickstarter project called Stubilizer. I guess that nowadays the most filmmakers who needs to do sport action shots, like mountain biking, skateboarding, paragliding and so on are using a Go Pro camera. Also when it comes to aerial videos, you won’t rent a plane or helicopter for high cost, you will go with an octocopter or similar and attach a GoPro to it. Doesn’t mean that it’s always the best and most professional solution, but it’s the easiest and most cost effectove one – especially that everyone is fighting with cutted budgets.

Always there are good and bad sides, while the GoPro system is extremely cost effective, everyone who ever used one in action sport situations knows the problem of non stabilized pictures. With the Stubilizer you can compensate this problem – at least it is promised.

So what does the Stubilizer do exactly?
Official text reads: Stubilizers are fully automatic gyroscopic stabilized mounts for the GoPro® series of action cameras.
Simply said, it is stablizing your GoPro shots in a way similar as a Steadycam / Glidecam system does, just here it’s working with small motors.
Stubilizer comes up in three different variants:
• The Solo stabilizes the roll axis only
• The Duo stabilizes the roll and pitch axes
• The Pro stabilizes the roll, pitch and yaw axes

The only minus i see so far is the additional weight, from the other hand it depends as usual on the situation and also is a question of getting used to.

I’m curious to see a Stubilizer in real life action and hope to get hands on one soon. In my oponion it’s definitely worth to check it out, and if it works indeed as suggested, it’s worth beeing considered to be in your equipment setup.

To find out more check the official website here:

Image Film for Anna Bialik

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The film crew of Hyperfox had the pleasure to produce a short image film with Ms Anna Bialik, the winner of the „Women are Future” contest in the category “Key women“. WOMEN is a transnational project funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Central Europe Programme.

 In a very tight organized shooting day we realized a number of scenes on different locations in the city Jaslo (Jasło). Amongst the interview partners had been also Mr. Andrzej Czernecki, Mayor of Jaslo.

 It was a funny and exciting shooting day with great people involved, so we like to thank again everyone for the outstanding cooperation. Special thanks to Mr. Piotr Juryś for the doing the set photography and providing briliant pictures of this day.

hyperfox video production with anna bialik field monitor andrzej czernecki_and_anna bialik

You can see the complete Photostream on Flickr under this link

Annual Presentation for Specjal Group

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„Specjal Group“ the Polish market leader in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market engaged Hyperfox for the preparation of this years „Development and Partnership“ presentation. The presentation served as tool to illustrate the achievements and potential of „Specjal Group“ and was held at the Marriott hotel in Warsaw in front of more than three hundred invited guests. Besdies custom designed graphics and infographics, we embeded a cinematic opener and a number of animated video sequences to give relief to the presentation, which was taken as very positive and entertaining by the audience.

Explainer videos are not always the same – and that’s a good thing.

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Explainer videos are not always the same – and that’s a good thing.
Thanks to a wide variaty of styles and production techniques it is possible to produce customized explainer videos, perfectly matching to the content and business.

With the latest project that Hyperfox was booked for, we had chance to do some classical handraft and filming work. We decided to go with a paper cut-out technique, this means that all objects had been handdrawn at the computer, printed out on cardboards and finnaly cutted out.
We decided to film all actions in real time with the hands of the ‘operator’ visible – to some also known as „common craft style“. This demanded a well prepared and trained choreography for each single scene and a good timing.


In the final result we clearly can see that things are hand-crafted, this is a welcome change and variation of the common cartoon explainer videos. Have a look for yourself what we could realize for the Poland based company „Sloneczny Dach“, an innovative online portal and start-up that connects providers, installers and clients all around Photovoltaic and Solar Energy.