Image Film for Anna Bialik

By 28. February 2014Allgemein

The film crew of Hyperfox had the pleasure to produce a short image film with Ms Anna Bialik, the winner of the „Women are Future” contest in the category “Key women“. WOMEN is a transnational project funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the Central Europe Programme.

 In a very tight organized shooting day we realized a number of scenes on different locations in the city Jaslo (Jasło). Amongst the interview partners had been also Mr. Andrzej Czernecki, Mayor of Jaslo.

 It was a funny and exciting shooting day with great people involved, so we like to thank again everyone for the outstanding cooperation. Special thanks to Mr. Piotr Juryś for the doing the set photography and providing briliant pictures of this day.

hyperfox video production with anna bialik field monitor andrzej czernecki_and_anna bialik

You can see the complete Photostream on Flickr under this link