5 simple rules to effective copywriting for starters

By 2. March 2016Allgemein

With a just five simple rules to follow, you can make your text content more effective.


  1. Attention please

The title says it all and often enough decides if we go on reading a book, an article, or not. A strong and meaningful title is an effective headline, not only informing about the content but also promising what to expect. A golden rule is that you never should cheat on the title. So do not misuse it to promise something that the text content doesn’t deliver. Your audience will not forgive this.


  1. Be on the point

The current TLDR trend – too long, did not read – is an expression of the people who nowadays do not have much time and consume things as fast and effective as possible, time is money is the rule here. So do not make the mistake to extend your text just for the reason to have more words in it. Be on the point and write in a way that it is easy and straight forward to understand.


  1. Adjust to the reader

To gain satisfied readers, each message must be adapted to the target group. Therefore, before the creation of a text, examine your target group, know your readers. How they like to read, what writing style they prefer and so on. That tells us how the content should look like, referred to the desired effect.


  1. Call to Action

The Call to action (CTA) is extremely important when creating any content for marketing purposes. Especially in the marketing and advertising world text (copywriting) is used to convince the reader to use a service or purchase a product – so do not forget to give him the chance to do exactly that at the end of your text. Might it be a simple “buy now” button or something else.


  1. Pictures say a 1000 words

When doing any print materials like brochures, billboards and posters – we also use photos and graphics to show the usability, advantage and features of a product and service. A picture usually says more than words and often enough can make people understanding something in a second, which would take many words in text.


Combining eye catching pictures in combination with a short slogan, already can deliver a message with impact and animate visitors to read. Besides, text only makes us feeling bored and tired quickly.


Of course, there is so much more to learn about writing. But by following these five simple rules, you already can make a first step in the right direction.